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    Limited Edition | Evil's Elixir Killer Clown Cup 20oz Tumbler

    Beware the sinister smile that lurks behind the porcelain facade. Our bone-chilling Evil Clown tumbler and coffee mug feature exclusive artwork guaranteed to haunt your dreams. The ghostly white face, blood-red lips, and cold dead eyes of this murderous clown will send shivers down your spine with every sip.

    Only 666 units of this limited edition Evil Clown drinkware exist, so claim yours before the final curtain closes. Hand wash only to preserve the ghoulish details of this killer clown's face. His twisted smile and malevolent gaze watch your every move.

    Drink in the darkness from the Evil Clown tumbler, if you dare. The coldness of his hollow eyes will follow you, waiting for the moment you let down your guard. With each swallow of coffee, you'll taste the metallic tang of his bloodlust.

    Our sinister Evil Clown mug and tumbler set offers stylish frights for the macabre collector. But be warned: the chilling art of this merciless clown exposes the darkness in us all. Hiscrimson grin hides a cruel hunger for chaos behind a mask of painted cheer. He will haunt your cupboards when you aren't looking. He will torment your dreams with his phantom laughter.

    Take a risk if you crave a thrill, and make the Evil Clown mug and tumbler part of your collection. Just don't be surprised when you feel the hairs on your neck stand up as his lifeless gaze watches you sip. This sadistic clown yearns to disturb and unsettle you. Claim your cursed cup today...if you think your sanity can withstand his stare.

    .: Stainless steel
    .: 20oz (0.59 l)
    .: Rounded corners
    .: See-thru plastic lid
    .: Glossy finish

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