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    Cosmic Comfort - Vanilla Bean Candle for Mercury Retrograde 2023

    Available in the following scents:

    Ignite the soothing power of Vanilla Bean during Mercury Retrograde. As the celestial dance slows, find comfort and stability in the warm embrace of this delightful scent. The rich vanilla bean creates a serene atmosphere, while the subtle undertones of tonka bean and whipped cocoa provide grounding energy. Let the flickering flame of this candle guide you through the retrograde's twists and turns, offering a sense of calm amidst the cosmic chaos.

    Remember, these candles are not magical solutions, but they can serve as powerful tools to create an atmosphere of intention and support during Mercury Retrograde 2023.

    Our candles are created in the USA & ship from New England using a 100% natural soy wax blend.

    Additional Details:

    ✨ 9 oz. clear vessel with 7.5 oz. wax fill
    ✨ Average burn time 50-60 hours
    ✨ 100% cotton wick
    ✨ Non-toxic. Contains no lead, plastics, parabens synthetic dyes, or phthalates

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